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22 Feb

The  Chief Executive Officer of Nyanga Rural District Council Dr Zefania Jaravaza has won the 2018 1st  Runner Up Award in the category of Best CEO of the Year at the Mega Fest Local Government Awards ceremony that was held in Mutare on 15 February 2019.The award is in recognition of the immense contribution that he has made in improving service delivery in Nyanga Rural District Council since 2004.

Some of the following major projects that have been undertaken by Nyanga RDC under Dr Jaravaza’s leadership which will  leave a significant mark and go a long way in improving the livelihoods of the community:

1. Infrastructure Development and Housing

  • Servicing of Nyangani Park Extension schemes comprising medium and low density stands from 2016 to date.
  • Servicing of Messengers Camp (high density) 2012 to date.
  • Maintenance and/upgrading of  Council roads in the district such as  Charamba Chirimanyimo road, Sawmills roads among others.
  • Mangondoza Sewer Reticulation Outfall Project which is PSIP Funded.
  • Servicing of Ruwangwe District Service Centre
  • Upgrading of Nyaruwaka/Nyamaropa Rural Service centre to gaining Deed of Grant.

2. Provision of Social Services

  • Completion of Nyajezi Rural Health Centre (ward 19) in 2014
  • Construction of Mukunza Rural Health Centre (ward 3) in partnership with World vision) which is almost complete.
  • Construction of Sande Munemo Rural Health Centre in ward 6.
  • Construction of Mapako Rural Health Centre in ward 18

3. Environment Management, Tourism and Small Medium Enterprises

  • Established SMEs block yard in ward 29.
  • Construction of green market for vendors in ward 29.
  • Provision of flea market working spaces in all rural service centres in the district.
  • Partnered with Caritas under the Sanitation for Success Project 2015 to 2017 (donation of refuse compactor was received through the partnership).

4. Administration and Human Resources

  • He managed to professionalise Nyanga Rural District Council. Stamped out nepotism and corruption e.g. stopped the employment of relatives by councillors and staff and stopped the double allocation of residential and commercial stands.
  • He further introduced and encouraged all staff to go on staff development programmes which saw eleven (11) staff members attaining undergraduate degrees during his tenure.

Generally, the CEO  has managed to create an interactive platform between Council and its stakeholders through meetings and an open-door policy. He encourages partnerships and synergies with all stakeholders that include government, NGOs, civil society and the private sector.

Indeed under his visionary leadership, Nyanga RDC Council is living and moving towards its vision of becoming ‘a beacon of service delivery and corporate governance by 2030’.