Committee Terms of References


The Committee shall have powers to consider and report on the following:

  • To examine financial control systems of the Council
  • To submit findings on Audit Reports to Full Council
  • To ensure that Council Assets are insured
  • To ensure that proper books and records are kept and all payments made
  • Are supported by sufficient vouchers
  • To ensure that any expenditure incurred by the Council is in accordance with approved Council budget
  • To ensure that all Council assets are safeguarded and also ensure the security of all Council funds
  • To ensure that all money borrowed including monies borrowed on bank overdraft, have paid on its due date
  • To ensure that all monies derived from a grant or held by the council must have spent in accordance with the conditions under which the grant or trust was made
  • To ensure that requirements and recommendations of the Auditor have been compiled with and carried out.
  • To review regularly financial statements of Council.
  • To examine any account report, record or document any computer disk and ask any officer to provide the above whenever needed
  • To invite any officer or any employee of the Council to attend any of its meetings and answer questions where from.