Department Details

Environment Management, Tourism & SMEs

Core Functions 

  • Promotion of sustainable extraction of natural resources
  • Enforcement of Environmental laws
  • Provision of facilities for SME’s
  • Promotion of Tourism 
  • Formulation of Council Bylaws

Promote good environmental conservation practices

  • Promote best environmental  practices in accordance with EMA standards

Facilitate and monitor work of development partners / NGOs in the district

  • Process applications of new NGOs seeking to operate in the district within three months of receiving the applications

Enforcing national laws and by-laws

  • To enforce Council by-laws and national laws without fear or favour

Receiving clients / Responding to Queries (Public relations service)

  • To respond to clients’ written enquiries , communication and complaints within ten (10) working days of receiving such inquiry, communication or complaint. 

Department Staff

Mr Kenneth Simbi Zenda

Environment Management & Tourism 

Bsc Hons in Geography and Environmental studies(MSU)