Refuse Disposal

  • Collection and disposal of refuse
  • Provision of Public Cleansing Services
  • Maintenance of refuse dump site


  • Provision of Recreation Services
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Provision and Maintenance of Cemetery Services


  • Provision of Education Services
  • Provision of Information Education and Communication on Health Matters


  • Spatial Planning and Development control
  • Plan Appraisal and Building Inspections
  • Provision of water and sanitation services

Licensing & Taxation

  • Provision of Shop Licences Services
  • Collecting taxes for central government
  • Provision of Charity Grants

Construction & maintenance

  • Construction , maintenance and rehabilitation of roads, bridges, foot bridges and crossings
  • Construction and maintenance of council buildings
  • Construction and maintenance of Public street lighting and tower lights

Stands & Rehabilitation

  • Servicing and allocation of residential, institutional, commercial and industrial stands
  • Construction and maintenance of sewerage ponds and trunk mains


  • Enforcement of Public Health Legislation
  • Controlling Infectious Diseases, Pollution Control
  • Provision of Ambulance Services