Department Details

Technical Services

Core Functions 

  • Construction , maintenance and rehabilitation of roads infrastructure
  • Construction and maintenance of council buildings 
  • Construction and maintenance of Public lighting 
  • Provision of serviced stands 
  • Provision of Water and Sanitation Services
  • Collection and disposal of refuse 
  • Maintenance of refuse dump site 
  • Provision of Public Cleansing Services
  • Spatial Planning and Development control 
  • Plan Appraisal and Building Inspections
  • Provision and Maintenance of Cemetery Services
  • Provision of Fire Fighting Services
  • Controlling  traffic 
  • Formulation and Enforcement Council By-laws
  • Maintenance and repair of Council Equipment

Provision of serviced stands

  • To prepare stands layout plans that meet the Physical Planning Dept’s standards. 

Building plans' apraisal 

  • To appraise building plans within one (1) week of receiving a plan.

Buiding stage inspection

  • To carry out building stage inspections within one (1) week of client booking the inspection

Waste management service

  • To attend to sewer blockages within 24 hours of being notified of a blockage.
  • To collect and dispose refuse at least three (3) times a week in Nyanga Urban.

Roads Connstruction and Service

  • To build and maintain Council roads in accordance with Ministry of Transport and ZINARA standards.

Enforcing national laws and by-laws

  • To enforce Council by-laws and national laws without fear or favour.

Receiving clients / Responding to Queries (Public relations service

  • To respond to clients’ written enquiries, communication and / complaints within ten (10) working days of receiving such inquiry, communication or complaint. 

Department Staff

Engineer Talent Kusena

Head of Department-Engineer

Bsc (Hons) Civil Engineering(UZ)

Post Grad. Diploma in Water Supply and Sanitation (IWSD)

Mr Taurai Makoni

Civil Engineering Technician

BTECH in Water Resources(NUST)

HND Water Resources Engineering(Byo Polytechnic)

National Diploma in Water Resources Engineering(Byo Polytechnic)

National Diploma in Civil Engineering(Harare Polytechnic)

Mr S. C Muchabveyo

Housing and Planning Officer

Bsc Hons Urban Planning and Development(GZU)

Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning(Bulawayo Polytechnic)